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 Sticky:FreeStyle Rules

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PostSubject: Sticky:FreeStyle Rules   Sat Jan 10, 2009 2:03 pm

FreeStyle Gunz Rules

- Instant Ban if you're caught, that includes, screenshots, replays
or an admin or GM catching you. ( This includes everyone, no exceptions )

- 1st time. Warning
- 2nd time. Will be a 1 day ban
- 3rd time. Permanent ban.

Flamming/Bad Language
- 1st time. You will be warned, don't persist with annoying people or staff with foul language.
- 2nd time. D/C and a Reminder not to annoying people or staff.
- 3rd time. you Will Be Bannd Form Server For 1 Week
-4th time. You Will Be permenantly Bannd For Server

For those of you who don't know what it is. It's forced lag, so you teleport, basically.
- 1st time. Warning.
- 2nd time. 1 week ban.
- 3rd time. Permanent ban.

Map glitching. punishable if accomplished Depending on the glitch.
This would involve killing multiple people from out the bounds of the map.
Eg - Walls, or floors.
- 1st time. 1 week ban.
- 2nd time. Permanent ban.

Boss glitching, once again, it will not be accepted.
- 1st time. A warning.
- 2nd time. 1 week ban
- 3rd time. Permanent ban.

Responability for your account.
This rule is to prevent things like: "my sister / brother did it not me!" We dont want to hear this excuse anymore, thus this rule is now in effect! If your caught doing anything wrong, the account will be banned following the rules. This means that if the account is your, whether you let someone use the account or not, your responsable. Its called a password for a reason if you give it out, Accept the consequences.

All of these offences will be taken into action. No exceptions.
If you do try to pass off with these and you are Permanently banned then you will be refused if you asked to have it lifted.

If you come across anybody doing this, please report it and please give evidence.
The admin/GM team can't do anything without the evidence.
The admins or GM word is final, rules are subject to change anytime for any reason.

Thank you all for playing.
Have fun.

Thanks Flames for The Awesome Server!!

Flame up or Get Burned!

Pilipino Club
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Sticky:FreeStyle Rules
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